Veterans Journey Home

Many vets have served in combat. There are often underlying issues affecting their abilities to integrate back into society and regain their productivity and self-worth. Veterans Journey Home can help begin the journey of a new start.

We are applying Journey Homes’ innovative and successful operating model to create housing opportunities for military veterans and their families who are experiencing difficulty and hardship. Our goal is to provide permanent, supportive housing and help rebuild their lives.

Creating a stable home environment can significantly and positively impact the quality of life for vets and their families. The trickle-down effects, both psychological and financial, are impactful for these families.

Veterans Journey Home also works one-on-one with vets to adapt or build homes that are in full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Sustainable, highly personalized unique financial model


Strengthen community involvement | volunteers gain professional experience


Personal empowerment through the pride of homeownership

Journey Home in Arizona

Veterans Journey Home is proud to partner with the Arizona Veterans and Housing Services community to connect Military service members with affordable housing that meets their long-term housing needs. The demand for affordable housing to support low-income families in Arizona is clear. Currently, there are only 22 affordable rental homes available for every 100 low-income households in Arizona and just 19 for every 100 families in the Phoenix metro area.

An estimated 142,000 affordable homes are needed to serve Arizona’s low-income population with 11,300 of these units needed to serve the state’s community of veterans. Veterans Journey Home works each and every day to fill this gap in housing availability for our nation’s heroes, one home at a time.

Journey Home in Florida

Veteran’s Journey Home has taken the mission of helping America’s soldiers achieve the dream of homeownership to the Sunshine State. Florida is home to 1.6 million veterans, the third largest population of service members in in the nation after California and Texas. On any single night, Florida has more than 4,500 homeless veterans living in the state, more than any other state in America.

Veterans Journey Home is dedicated to bringing support to all veterans in need of a new beginning.