Journey Home USA

About Us

Founded in 2008, Journey Home Minnesota (formerly called Shoreview Area Housing Initiative) provides access to affordable, single-family homes in safe neighborhoods that have positive educational opportunities for struggling populations. Our unique operating model assists individuals who are not able to find and purchase a home, or obtain financing, maintain a household in a traditional neighborhood.

Board of Directors

  • Blake Huffman
    Board Chair
  • Jenni Wiig
    Wells Fargo
  • Mike Cleveringa
    Board Vice Chair, Wells Fargo
  • Pat Lund
    Board Secretary, Habitat for Humanity
  • Brian McCool
    Byron Fredrikson Law Firm
  • Jonathan Weinhagen
    St. Paul Chamber of Commerce
  • Ted Risdall
    Risdall Marketing Group
  • Maria Piazza
    White Bear Lake
  • Joel Varberg
    Thomson Reuters (Retired)
  • Shelly Myrland
    F&M Bank
  • Noah Huffman
    Wells Fargo
  • Shereen Page
    White Bear Lake
  • Amy Wynia
    New Brighton